• Amenities

    The amenities we offer are designed to make your stay in our center as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our goal is to provide a sense of security, fellowship and community.

    • five star facility
    • specialty physician consultations
    • outpatient therapy
    • respite care program
    • rose garden
    • free cable TV
    • Golden Skillet breakfast to order
    • Calypso Room (Enhanced Fine Dining)
    • pet therapy
    • laptop and desktop computers
    • in-room telephones
    • private and semi-private rooms
    • residents' cabana lounge
    • WiFi
    • daily community activities  
  • Dining

    A great dining experience starts with great food. Savory entrées, fresh fruits, tempting desserts, and much more can be found on our menu. Our experienced foodservice professionals take the time to get to know the food preferences for each patient and provide meals personalized to these preferences and any special dietary need.

    We encourage patient participation in suggesting changes and additions to the menu. Have a favorite recipe? Share it with the Nutrition Services Manager to determine if it can be re-created for all patients to enjoy.

    Patients are encouraged to dine in our dining room where they can meet friends and make new ones.

    Our dining service is a team effort that involves all Nursing Center staff working together to provide a great dining experience for every patient.

    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
    ~ Virginia Woolf, English Novelist (1882-1941)

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