• Testimonials

    At Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation - Rose Manor, our hard work and efforts are rewarded daily by the patients and residents we serve. Not only are we thanked in person on a regular basis, we receive countless letters, poems and artwork showing appreciation. This is an example of what we receive. To read more letters, please contact us.

    “My story begins with the admission of my husband Kenneth to Rose Manor. As a healthcare professional of 42 years, I was extremely impressed with the care he received, the compassion of the staff, not only nursing, every department. The food [was] wonderful. Upper management was seen by the patients and families and very easy to speak too. I told the admission clerk at Rose Manor that there would be about a week they would not be able to reach me, because I was having a hip replaced. Tania told me if I need[ed] any rehab their program was excellent for hips. I told her I thought I would be going home with home health and be fine. My daughters had a different idea; they wanted me to go to rehab just to be on the safe side. In my area in Roxboro, NC, [they] did not have any rehab beds. I remember what Tania had told me and knowing the type of care my husband was getting I told them to try Rose Manor. They did have a bed available and I have had the best treatment and therapy money can buy. At anytime in the future either my husband Kenneth or myself Linda need rehab, Rose Manor is the place for us. Thank you, Kindred, for having a place like Rose Manor.”
    -- Linda and Kenneth Cash

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